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The resort development has twelve subdivided stands (Resort Zone-II) for homes for sale under full-title. These twelve stands are widely distributed across the property, ensuring privacy and wide open spaces around each stand.

Another eleven leisure homes will be distributed over 2 Resort Zone I clusters.

The remainder of the property is zoned as nature reserve (Open Space-III) and is registered as a contract nature reserve, placing it under control of the national Protected Areas Act, Act 57 of 2003, bringing unprecedented support for its conservation objectives.

Central resort facilities to be built will include an office and reception building.

Central Resort Facilities - artist's impression

Central Resort Facilities – artist’s impression

The historic school building was restored to serve as a museum.  It will focus on the cultural-historic aspects of the property (Elandskloof) and the Witteberg area.

Historic school building restored as a museum

Historic school building restored as a museum

The 15 investors will also, through the Homeowners Association,  be the sole joint owners of the central resort facilities, the staff accommodation, the museum, and the water supply system.

All homeowners will be members of the Home Owners Association, which will manage the nature reserve on their behalf.

Infrastructure and preparatory work already completed include:

(1)  A four-bedroom manager’s residence.

(2)  Three staff apartments, a garage for four vehicles and a workshop.

Staff housing complex as seen from the top of the mountain

Staff housing complex as seen from the top of the mountain

(3)  The water supply system for the entire resort, including drinking holes for animals and birds.  There are four boreholes equipped with solar pumps, 80-kilolitre water storage tanks and a 6-km pipeline running through the central valley.  The water has been analysed by the SABS and meets the specifications for household use and human consumption.

Water storage tanks - 80 kilolitre

Water storage tanks – 80 kilolitre

(4)  Sewerage systems (septic tanks and soak-away systems) at all existing buildings on the common property.

(5)  A shed with undercover storage for equipment and materials needed for the operation of the resort.

(6)  Renewable electricity systems for the staff accommodation units.

Renewable electricity system at staff housing complex

Renewable electricity system at the staff housing complex

(7)  The public road that crossed the property was de-proclaimed and closed.  This allows access control with enhanced security.

Access control and security

Access control and security

(8)  All internal fences were removed to allow free movement of indigenous animals.

(9)  About 300 alien trees, shrubs, and other plants were cleared from the property.

(10)  Many kilometres of mountain trails provide access for homeowners to all areas of the property.

Our objective is the conservation of the flora of the Witteberg

Our objective is the conservation of the flora of the Witteberg (Wurmbea spicata)

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