Investment Options

. . . . . Invest in a Karoo Leisure Property

Two investment options are available to potential buyers of leisure properties.

1.  Full-title stands for new single leisure homes

Nine subdivided full-title stands are available for the building of new leisure homes.

These new homes are intended to have three-bedrooms.  They are to be built based on pre-approved plans which implement the approved conceptual architecture.

Artist's impression - new holiday homes

Artist’s impression – new holiday homes

2.  New units – tourist lodges or boutique hotels on two Resort Zone I Clusters

Eleven new holiday units can be built on two Resort Zone I Clusters.  Four of these are to be two-bedroom units and seven are to be one-bedroom units.

Both these types of homes also have pre-approved plans based on the approved architecture. (Tourist lodges and boutique hotels should be in line with the architectural guidelines.)

3.  Prices

The prices of the remaining units on offer cover the following components:

  • The Resort Zone II stand OR one of the 2 remaining Resort Zone I Clusters
  • Undivided shared ownership of the nature reserve common property with all the infrastructure thereon through the Homeowners Association
  • All preparatory work completed
  • Contribution to an Ecological Trust Fund (a development condition imposed by CapeNature)
  • Contribution to a Job Creation & Training Trust Fund (a development condition imposed by the Western Cape Department of Agriculture)
  • Contribution to the Road Maintenance Trust Fund
  • Levies payable to the Homeowners Association for the first 12 months (for the operation, management & maintenance of the resort and the common infrastructure)
  • Provision for the construction of other required additional infrastructure

Each homeowner will pay a monthly levy for the operation and maintenance of the common property after the first 12 months.

The new holiday homes must be based on the pre-approved building plans that meet all the development conditions.  The developers will be responsible for ensuring that all development and environmental conditions are adhered to.

Prices for Vacant Stands & Historic Homes

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